Young agricultural innovators from Western Visayas  honored as YFC national awardees 

Posted by: RAFIS DA6 | Posted at: June 6, 2024

The Department of Agriculture’s 2023 Search for Young Farmers Challenge (YFC) concluded with a grand awards ceremony at PhilRice in Munoz, Nueva Ecija, celebrating the exceptional achievements of the nation’s brightest young agricultural innovators.

Clawseth Aquafarm, based in Malag-it, Pontevedra, Capiz, was awarded the top honor in the Digital Agriculture Category for the start-up component. Led by Seth Luigi Borbon, Clawseth Aquafarm received PHP 300,000, a trophy, a certificate, and tokens. The venture was recognized for its innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity in aquaculture, setting a new standard in digital agriculture.

In the Production Category, EcoGrow Agritek from Asluman, Hamtic, Antique, secured the fifth place. Spearheaded by Harry Luces and Cilfred Ramos, EcoGrow Agritek was awarded PHP 300,000, a trophy, a certificate, and tokens. The enterprise’s sustainable agricultural practices have garnered attention for their potential to revolutionize traditional farming methods.

Meanwhile, HealthyBite Food Processing and Preserving from Alaguisoc, Jordan, Guimaras, achieved second place in the Upscale Component. Led by Reynro T. Herrera, HealthyBite was awarded PHP 500,000, a trophy, a certificate, and tokens. HealthyBite’s innovative approach to food processing and preservation has been lauded for its contribution to food security and sustainability.

This event showcased the dedication and innovation of these young agricultural entrepreneurs, highlighting their commitment to integrating technology and sustainable practices in farming. 

In addition, Israel Zaulda of Cylvania’s Farm Products in Libacao, Aklan, has emerged  as a national finalists, competing in the Start-up Component under the Processing Category, further exemplifying the talent and ingenuity within the industry. # (Text by: MSSUbang/DA-RAFIS 6 | Photos : YFC Western Visayas