Field Operations Division

1. Distribution of the following:

1.1  Drugs and Biologics

1.1.1  Deworming
1.1.2  Antibiotics
1.1.3  Vitamins and Minerals
1.1.4  Vaccines  Hog Cholera  NCD  Hemosep

1.2  Semen Straws

1.2.1  Meat Cattle
1.2.2  Goat

1.3  Disinfectants

1.3.1  Animal Stocks  Native Chicken  Cattle  Goat  Native Pigs

1.4  Seeds

1.4.1  Vegetable Seeds
1.4.2  Rice Inbreed and Hybrid Seeds
1.4.3  Corn  OPV  Hybrid  Glutinous  Sweet Corn

1.5  Planting Materials

1.5.1  sexually propagated
1.5.2 asexually propagated

1.6  Fertilizers

1.6.1  organic
1.6.2  inorganic

1.7  Garden Tools

1.7.1  Shovels
1.7.2  trowel
1.7.3  hoes
1.7.4  rakes
1.7.5  sprinklers
1.7.6  pruning shears and saw
1.7.7  seedling trays
1.7.8  garden nets and screen
1.7.9  drums

2. Establishment of technology demonstrations and urban gardening

2.1  Rice Model Farm
2.2  Corn Model Farm
2.4  Multiplier Farm

2.4.1  Livestock and Poultry
2.4.2  swine

2.5  Organic Urban Demo

3. Technical assistance provided such as conduct of capability building, consultations, assessments, production and post production trainings, package of technology trainings (POT), and livelihood support trainings;

4. Dissemination of information and weather forecasts and advisories from warning agencies;

5. Monitoring and crafting of recommendations on special projects and programs issues and concerns;

6. Gathering and consolidation of baseline data and masterlist of farmers;

7. Conduct of registration, encoding, geotagging, activities of farmers and fisherfolks, youth, farm workers under RSBSA program; and,

8. Accreditation of farmers cooperatives and associations.