Administrative and Finance Division

1. Human Resource Management Section (HRMS)

1.1  Appointments issued and attested by CSC
1.2  Job Orders and Contract of Service approved
1.3  IPCR collected, reviewed and endorsed for approval of RED
1.4  Recognition and award for service excellence
1.5  Training Needs Assessment
1.6  Training and retooling for employees
1.7  Facilitation of attendance to training, seminars and conventions of employees
1.8  Assistance to the Personnel Development Committee for availment of scholarship programs provided by other institutions
1.9  Re-entry plan of scholars endorsed to Information Section for access of other employees
1.10  Employees’ profile and service records updated
1.11  Approved application for leave
1.12  Requirements for retirement
1.13  Employees’ payroll
1.14  Updated leave credits
1.15  Disciplinary actions and sanctions of employees implemented
1.16  Secretariat to the Grievance Committee
1.17  Travel Order
1.18  201 files of employees maintained

2. General Services Section (GSS)

2.1  Physical Inventory of PPEs and supplies
2.2  Disposal of unserviceable property
2.3  Security of people, properties and workplace
2.4  Building and vehicle insurance
2.5  Equipment, vehicles and buildings maintained
2.6  Security system and signages installed
2.7 Checks and LDDAP-ADA issued
2.8  Receipt and deposit of collections
2.9  Remittance of government and personal contributions and employee loan repayments
2.10  RCI/RADAI and RCD submitted
2.11  Check and ADA Disbursement Record and Cash Receipt Record maintained
2.12  Paid Disbursement Vouchers and Payrolls indexed and filed
2.13  Official documents recorded, disseminated and archived
2.14  Valueless records disposed
2.15  Communications mailed
2.16  Delivered, inspected and distributed goods and services are recorded

3. Budget Section

3.1  Technical assistance in the preparation of budget proposal
3.2  Submission of budget proposal requirements
3.3  Technical assistance during budget hearing
3.4  Controlling of ORS and earmarking
3.5  Financial reports

4.  Accounting Section

4.1  Certification of availability of funds/cash
4.2  Financial reports and records
4.3  Disbursement Vouchers/payroll processed and certified for payment
4.4  LDDAP-ADA prepared

5. Procurement Service Office

5.1  Technical assistance in the preparation of Project Procurement Management Plan
5.2  Annual Procurement Plan
5.3  Administrative support to the Bids and Awards Committee and Technical Working Group
5.4  Assistance in managing the procurement processes
5.5  Procurement monitoring status and reports
5.6  Assistance to the Head of the Procuring Entity on contract management
5.7  Evaluation on the performance of suppliers’ contractual obligations