Research Division

1.  Updated the Regional Integrated Research and Development and Extension Agenda and Program (RIRDEAP) once every 5 years through the convention of RRDEN members and other R&D stakeholders.
2.  Compilation of R&D related activity proposals
3.  Compilation of formulated research proposals on social, basic, on-farm technology, value-adding or product development
4.  Compilation of evaluated research proposals
5.  Compilation of terminal reports of completed research on social, basic, on-farm technology, and product value adding or product development.
6.  Compilation of presented technical papers
7.  List of farming technologies ready for commercialization
8.  List of food and non-food products and/or value-added products ready for commercialization.
9.  Compilation of technology/information endorsement report submitted to appropriate operating units.
10.  Compilation of documents endorsed for regional and national engagement and collaborations
11.  Provide access to research information to operating units, R&D partners and stakeholders through the maintenance of RsD and RRDEN knowledge repository facility.
12.  Shares knowledge for R&D technicalities and related updates to partners and stakeholders.
13.  Provide technical assistance and expertise in line with specialization to other operating units or RD&E stakeholders and partners.