Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Division

1. Agribusiness Industry Support Section

1.1  Trainings, assessment, and planning workshops;
1.2  Technical assistance to market related infrastructures e.g., municipal and barangay food terminals, organic trading posts, rice processing centers, livestock auction markets;
1.3  Market information (supply situation, commodity flow, price);
1.4  Farm gate, wholesale and retail price report; and,
1.5  Fora and orientation seminars.

2. Market Promotion Section

2.1  Conduct/ Assistance/Participation to Trade Fairs and Exhibits;
2.2  Market related information thru Trade Events /Market Linkages/Trainings and other market promotion related activities;
2.3  Market Matching/Linkages;
2.4  Technical Assistance to LGU’s/MSMEs on Market Promotion related activities; and,
2.5  Updated Directory of Buyers and Sellers.

3. Agribusiness Promotion Section

3.1  Capability building activities such as but not limited to training, market expansion, product development, financing, and facilities upgrading;
3.2  Capacity Development Plan for assisted Agriculture and Fisheries-based Enterprises;
3.3  Directory of Agriculture and Fishery Enterprises through FFEDIS; and,
3.4  Business development services and/or technical assistance to va