Human Resource Management Section

  • Formulate an integrated personnel plan that includes merit promotion, performance evaluation  and awards and incentives for service excellence
  • Formulate and administer training programs for  career and employee development
  • Acts on all matters concerning personnel records and attendance, appointments, promotions and other transactions.
  • Maintenance of personnel records and statistics

General Services Section

  • Plans, coordinates and supervise all general services functions such as property inventory, property disposal, cashiering, records and communication services

Information Section

  • Responsible in the promotion and packaging of the image of the office through social marketing.
  • Coordination and partnerships with local media groups to promote smooth and accurate flow of information

Budget Section

  • Preparation of annual budgetary plans in coordination with Planning Division
  • Assists the management in the preparation of budgetary estimates for presentation to various legislative bodies
  • Development and improvement of budgetary procedures and methods
  • Provides assistance to subordinate budgetary units in the utilization and application of budgetary methods

Accounting Section

  • Maintains basic subsidiary accounting records and books of accounts for accurate and current financial information
  • Provides management advises on financial matters
  • Prepares and submit financial reports for the management and other offices requiring such
  • Certifies fund availability and obligations
  • Process requisitions, vouchers and reports of collections and disbursements