Staff & Offices


Human Resource Management Section

  • Formulate an integrated personnel plan that includes merit promotion, performance evaluation  and awards and incentives for service excellence
  • Formulate and administer training programs for  career and employee development
  • Acts on all matters concerning personnel records and attendance, appointments, promotions and other transactions.
  • Maintenance of personnel records and statistics

General Services Section

  • Plans, coordinates and supervise all general services functions such as property inventory, property disposal, cashiering, records and communication services

Information Section

  • Responsible in the promotion and packaging of the image of the office through social marketing.
  • Coordination and partnerships with local media groups to promote smooth and accurate flow of information

Budget Section

  • Preparation of annual budgetary plans in coordination with Planning Division
  • Assists the management in the preparation of budgetary estimates for presentation to various legislative bodies
  • Development and improvement of budgetary procedures and methods
  • Provides assistance to subordinate budgetary units in the utilization and application of budgetary methods

Accounting Section

  • Maintains basic subsidiary accounting records and books of accounts for accurate and current financial information
  • Provides management advises on financial matters
  • Prepares and submit financial reports for the management and other offices requiring such
  • Certifies fund availability and obligations
  • Process requisitions, vouchers and reports of collections and disbursements

Planning Section

  • Plan Formulation
  • Policy Dissemination
  • Conduct of consultations
  • Integration of local development plans
  • Capacitation of LGUs on planning

Monitoring & Evaluation Section

  • Periodic Monitoring of programs and projects (Implemented by DA, agencies, SUCs, LGUs)
  • Periodic evaluation of DA programs
  • Periodic evaluation of LGU programs (provincial and municipal level)

Management Information Section

  • Data gathering and management
  • Management of the regional farmers registry
  • Management of IT infrastructure of the DA RFU
  • Capacitate LGU personnel on agricultural MIS
  • Management of regional GIS system

Programs Coordination Section

  • Overall coordination of DA programs on crops (rice, corn , hvcc and others),  livestock (small and large ruminants  and poultry)
  • Provide advisory services to LGUs, SUCs, other government agencies and other stakeholders
  • Provide recommendations to management  for smooth program implementation

Local Operations Coordination Section

  • Coordination and monitoring of DA programs / projects with the LGUs and other stakeholders
  • Strengthen working relationships and linkages between DA and LGUs, other government offices, SUCs , NGOs/ sector groups and other stakeholders
  • Provide feedback mechanism to management on problems besetting program implementation
  • Provide secretariat and facilitative support services to RAFC and PAFCs

Regional Soils Laboratory

  • Provide soil and water laboratory services to various agriculture clienteles
  • Conduct soil and water balance analysis to come up with recommended faming applications
  • Production of microbial agents and soil inoculations

Regional Animal Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory

  • Provide support to various regulatory functions
  • Perform various laboratory tests for the diagnosis of major animal diseases
  • Monitor incidence and prevention of infections and diseases
  • Conduct of R & D activities on animal health and nutrition

Regional Crop Protection Center

  • Undertake research on crop protection system
  • Conduct plant pests and diseases diagnostics and recommend control measures 
  • Monitor and forecast possible pests and diseases outbreaks
  • Provide technical assistance during pests and diseases outbreaks

Regional Feed Chemical Analysis Laboratory

  • Conduct routine chemical analysis on nutrient contents of animal feeds and feedstuff
  • Conducts proximate analysis of feeds

Research Management And Specialist Section

  • Lead in the formulation of regional R & D agenda
  • Orchestrate the prioritization of regional R & D activities and conduct of mid-stream and downstream research
  • Establish the forging of strategic linkages with other R & D institutions
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation of on-going and completed R & D projects
  • Facilitate the preparation of R & proposals for funding and technical papers for presentation
  • Maintain R & D info system

Technology Commercialization Section

  • Undertake identification and documentation of matured technologies for commercialization
  • Conduct technology adaptation and demonstration trials 
  • Formulate and package technology promotions and commercialization projects for targeted clienteles
  • Prepare materials from technologies generated for dissemination
  • Coordinates the impact assessment of the technology commercialization activities

Regional Integrated Research Center

  • Orchestrate and provide leadership to the R & D agenda for the region
  • Harness improved materials and stocks and other research results from different national and international research centers for commercialization

Plant Regulatory Section

  • Conduct pests and disease surveillance
  • Monitoring and inspection and maintenance of quarantine checkpoints
  • Issuance of plant phyto-sanitary certificates for domestic and international shipment /transport
  • Post entry monitoring of imported plants
  • Inspection of organic / GAP farms
  • Field inspection of plant nurseries and seed production farms

Animal Regulatory Section

  • Monitoring and inspection and maintenance of quarantine checkpoints
  • Issuance of animal regulatory documents
  • Post entry monitoring of imported animals
  • Inspection of  animal products and by-products
  • Collection and laboratory analysis of feed samples from production plants and sale outlets
  • Inspect and endorse applications under Animal Welfare Act

Agribusiness And Investment Section

  • Identification of regional agribusiness opportunities
  • Packaging and management of information on agri-business investment opportunities
  • Management of market information database and other relevant agricultural statistics

Market Development and Promotion Section

  • Provide assistance in identifying local and export markets for priority commodities
  • Conduct market reconnaissance and assessment
  • Provide linkage to farmers and producers to buyers and markets through e-commerce and market encounters
  • Management of market information database and other relevant agricultural statistics
  • Conduct of investment forum and local and international trade missions

Agribusiness Support Services Section

  • Provide agribusiness and investment advisory services (project  feasibility preparation  up to packaging and labeling) to LGUs, private sectors and other stakeholders
  • Provide assistance on credit facilitation (local and international)
  • Provide assistance in product packaging and undertake product promotions to make them competitive
  • Formulation of regional infrastructure plan
  • Conduct of site validation, survey, design and monitoring
  • Capacitate LGUs thru trainings and provision of equipment
  • Coordination of all regional DA infrastructure projects
  • Coordinate the enforcement of Philippine Agricultural Engineering Standards

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