Regional Agricultural Engineering Division

1. Technical assistance services to LGUs, DA attached agencies, and other clientele groups with regards to the following:

1.1  Selection of feasible project sites and qualified FCAs;
1.2  Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design (DED), Program of Works (POW), and/or Technical Specifications (TS) of the proposed projects;
1.3  Monitoring of the utilization/ operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment;
1.4  Supervision of the construction and rehabilitation of agricultural infrastructures;
1.5  Testing and evaluation of agricultural machinery, postharvest facilities, and agro-processing projects;
1.6  Registry of agricultural and fishery machinery, tools, and equipment; and,
1.7  Other developmental activities to support and sustain the provision, operation and management of agricultural machinery, equipment, facilities, and infrastructure projects.

2. Updated Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Management Information System (ABEMIS) as the central data repository and a monitoring tool of all agricultural machinery, equipment, facilities, and infrastructure projects.

3. Agricultural machinery and equipment procured and agricultural facilities and infrastructures constructed.