WV-based livestock corporations excel at Second Livestock PH Recognition

Posted by: RAFIS DA6 | Posted at: May 31, 2024

Two Western Visayas-based companies, Ta-ala Farms Inc. and New Panay Agri Ventures Development Inc., stood out among eleven farmers, cooperatives, and corporations honored for their best practices and innovations at the 2nd Livestock Philippines Recognition on May 22, 2024. This event, a highlight of this year’s Livestock and Aquaculture Philippines, took place at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City. The recognition ceremony was organized through a partnership between the Department of Agriculture (DA) and international events organizer Informa Markets, aimed at celebrating the exceptional performances and contributions of stakeholders in the livestock, poultry, and aquaculture industries.

Ta-ala Farms Inc. received the Outstanding Layer Farm award, acknowledging its impressive daily production of 12,000 eggs since 1999, driven by innovative use of the Egg Machine and other advancements. New Panay Agri-Ventures Development Inc. was awarded Outstanding Commercial Feedmill for Swine, recognizing it as the leading producer of feeds for hogs, poultry, and gamefowl in Panay, with a market reach extending to Palawan, Negros Occidental, Romblon, and Masbate. The awards were presented by DA Undersecretary for Livestock Deogracias Victor Savellano. The applications for these awards were submitted and endorsed by DA-Western Visayas, showcasing the region’s commitment to agricultural excellence and modernization.

Ta-ala Farms, Inc., established on February 3, 1999, is a domestic corporation headquartered in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The company specializes in the production and sale of poultry and livestock products, including eggs and chicken meat. Additionally, Ta-ala Farms markets the “egg machine,” a proprietary setup consisting of layer cages with feeders, drinkers, and water lines, capable of housing 48 hens. This product is a registered trademark with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

The farm boasts impressive production metrics, with layer production peaking at an average of 94-96%. Their ready-to-lay chicken grow-outs achieve recovery rates of 96-97% within 18 weeks, based on data from their traditional open-sided housing systems. Over the past two years, Ta-ala Farms has experienced significant growth in the Western Visayas agricultural sector, driven by strategic investments in technology, infrastructure, and international partnerships. Key milestones include relocating to a larger office and expanding warehouse facilities in 2022, establishing a satellite office and warehouse in Iloilo, and investing in advanced machinery to convert chicken waste into organic fertilizer in 2023. In early 2024, the company achieved the GAHP (Good Animal Husbandry Practices) Certificate awarded by the DA Regional Field Office 6, the first in the Western Visayas region, underscoring their dedication to animal welfare and industry standards. Ta-ala Farms adheres strictly to government regulations and prioritizes biosecurity and food safety, holding certifications including the GAHP Certificate, AWA Certificate, and Transport Carrier Certificate. Their biosecurity measures include disinfection of all houses using soap and water, spraying disinfectant on all vehicles entering the farm, maintaining footbaths with disinfectant at all houses, daily flock inspections, and requiring visitors to log-in and wash areas at the entrance.

Meanwhile, the New Panay Agri-Ventures Development, Inc. (NPAVDI), established on June 16, 1990, is a manufacturer of high-quality animal feeds branded as Lovefeeds. The company was founded with the vision of reducing animal raisers’ dependence on external feed manufacturers. NPAVDI continuously improves and innovates its facilities, incorporating state-of-the-art production technology and sophisticated feed mill automation to produce consistent, efficient, cost-effective, and safe products. The company’s success is driven by its carefully selected and highly trained employees. NPAVDI plays a critical role in the value chain of livestock raising and feed manufacturing, from sourcing raw materials to producing and packaging finished feed products. The company engages with farmers and suppliers to ensure a steady supply of quality ingredients, formulates balanced diets tailored to specific livestock needs, and maintains stringent quality control measures. In 2023, NPAVDI introduced improved packaging to keep feeds fresh and transportable, while adhering to regulatory standards to ensure product safety and efficacy.###(MCMBuala/DA-RAFIS 6)

Photocredit to DA -WV Regulatory Division, DA Central Office