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Aiming to build resilient and progressive agriculture communities, the Department of Agriculture (DA) Western Visayas, through the Adaptation and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture (AMIA) and the Balik Probinsya Bagong Pag-Asa Program (BP2), turned over a total of P9 million worth of farm machinery to eight active cooperatives and associations in Banate, Iloilo on February 9.
AMIA has provided highly-responsive agriculture and fisheries support services to Libertad Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC), Bogata Farmers Association, Propoban Farmers Association, Puros Farmers Association, Kapisan sang Mangunguma sang CARP, Merced Farmers Association, Merced-Carmelo Farmers Irrigators Association, and Carmelo Farmers Association since 2014.
“Nalipay kami sa AMIA kay naga-uswag gid ang AMIA Banate, madamu na kamo sang napamatud-an, especially sa mga output ninyo sa native pigs, may naaccomplished na sa atun SRI, dira gid magasuporta ang atun nga machinery nga igahatag, para sa inyo rice production,” said Chrystal Alemandrejo, Project Development Assistant, AMIA Program.
DA Western Visayas has conducted activities to achieve resilient climate communities in Banateโ€”geotagging, capacity-building for ‘Babuyang Walang Amoy,’ a native pig production technology, and Climate Information Service (CIS) used for rice and high valued crops farming.
“Isa sa mga programa sang National Government ang pagsulod diri sa atun sang AMIA, ginapangamuyo natun nga madamu nga mangunguma ang makabenispisyo sa programa kag ginapasalamatan gid natun ang Department of Agriculture. From manual to mechanical- kadaku ang pagbag-o, asta sa libre nga binh kag fertilizer magapadasig gid sa pagpangunguma, less ang expenses, gani mapaumwad ang atun mga produkto”, said Hon. Carlos Cabangal, Municipal Mayor.
Associations in the AMIA Village received two harvesters, two transplanters, eight pumping engines, eight hand tractors with trailers, and some planting materials. AMIA’s strategic development approach is through Climate Resilient Agri-Fisheries (CRA), enabling local communities to manage climate risks while pursuing sustainable livelihoods.
CRA is a comprehensive assessment framework for vulnerability assessment linked to climate risks. Thus, farmers’ acquired knowledge about CRA shall now be augmented by mechanization for better production yield while decreasing the cost of production.
“Ang Department of Agriculture ang nagapangita sang paagi nga mabuligan kamo, kami [sa MAO] ang nagafaciliate, suporta naman halin sa Mayor, pero ang kadalag-an sang kada asosasyon wala sa amun mga kamot, yara sa inyo nga ga meyembro. DA through the associations is creating job opportunities sa tion sang pandemya. Kadamu na sang nabulig sang ahensya, ang ginapangayo lamang sa atun nga amligan, tipigan, kag mangin transparent,” “said Ms. Luz Ferrer, Municipal Agriculturist. ### (MCMBuala/RAFIS 6)

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