Issuance of Certification for Land Use Reclassification

Schedule of Availability Who can avail the service What are the requirements Service Fees Name of Contact Contacts
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)

  1. Owner/s of private agricultural lands or other persons duly authorized by the landowner
  2. Beneficiary/ies of the agrarian reform program after the lapse of five (5) years from award, reckoned from the issuance of the Certificate of Landowner- ship Award (CLOA), and who have fully paid their obligations and are qualified under these rules, or persons duly authorized by them
  3. Government agency/ies, including government owned or controlled corporations, and local government units owning agricultural lands as part of their patrimonial property
  • Notarized Sworn Declaration of Application for land use reclassification
  • Proof of Ownership of Land (e.g. certified true copy of the Original Certificate of Title or Transfer of Certificate of Title (OCT/TCT) or other documents establishing ownership certified by the Registry of Deeds not later than 30 days prior to filing.
  • If the landholding is an untitled agricultural land, the following shall be required:
  1. Certification from DENR Community Environment and Natural Resource Office (CENRO) that the landholding has been classified as alienable and disposable;
  2. Certification DENR CENRO (for administrative confirmation of imperfect title) or the Clerk of Court of regular courts (for judicial confirmation of imperfect title) that the titling process/ proceeding has commenced and there are no adverse claimants;
  3. Certification from the Department of Agrarian reform (Certificate of Non-CARP coverage) signed by PARO;
  4. Special Power of Attorney (if petitioner/ applicant is other than the owner of the land or Board Resolution if the owner is corporation (with signature of members);
  5. Vicinity map of the area with sufficient reference points;
  6. Parcellary map prepared and signed by a licensed Geodetic Engineer indicating the name of owner, title number, area and geographic coordinates;
  7. Zoning Certification from the HLURB signed by the Regional Officer/Deputized Zoning Administrator on the actual zoning on reclassification on the land subject of the application on the approved and updated CLUP;
  8. Clear colored photographs of the area (5R size) taken during the field investigation including the adjoining areas with captions duly certified by a Member of the RTECLUM Inspection Team;
  9. Certification from NIA (Certificate of Irrigation Coverage) to be recommended by the Regional Irrigation Manager and signed by the NIA Administrator;
  10. Certificate from SRA (Certificate of Coverage/Non- Coverage) signed by the SRA Administrator;
  11. Certification from PCA (Certificate of Inspection and Verification) signed by the Regional Manager;
  12. Certification from PhilFIDA, if applicable;
  13. Certification from BFAR, if applicable;
  14. Certification from BAI, if applicable
  15. Official Receipt of payment of filing and inspection fee; and
  16. Field investigation report by the RTECLUM
Filling Fee 


15 hectares and below – PhP 1,750.00;

Above 15 hectares to 30 hectares – PhP 2,000.00

More than 30 hectares – PhP 3,000.00



Inspection Fee

15 hectares and below – PhP 5,000.00;

Above 15 hectares to 30 hectares – PhP 7,500.00

More than 30 hectares – PhP 10,000.00


Motion for Reconsideration

PhP 2,000.00

Dr. Jonic F. Natividad daregulatory6 


(033) 503-6409

*Check list of documentary requirements
**Sworn Declaration of Application for land use reclassification