Issuance of Certification for Land Use Reclassification

Issuance of Certification for Land Use Reclassification

Schedule of Availability Who can avail the service What are the requirements Service Fees Name of Contact Contacts
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)

  1. Owner/s of private agricultural lands or other persons duly authorized by the landowner
  2. Beneficiary/ies of the agrarian reform program after the lapse of five (5) years from award, reckoned from the issuance of the Certificate of Landowner- ship Award (CLOA), and who have fully paid their obligations and are qualified under these rules, or persons duly authorized by them
  3. Government agency/ies, including government owned or controlled corporations, and local government units owning agricultural lands as part of their patrimonial property
  • Notarized Sworn Declaration of Application for land use reclassification
  • Proof of Ownership of Land (e.g. certified true copy of the Original Certificate of Title or Transfer of Certificate of Title (OCT/TCT) or other documents establishing ownership certified by the Registry of Deeds not later than 30 days prior to filing.
  • If the landholding is an untitled agricultural land, the following shall be required:
  1. Certification from DENR Community Environment and Natural Resource Office (CENRO) that the landholding has been classified as alienable and disposable;
  2. Certification DENR CENRO (for administrative confirmation of imperfect title) or the Clerk of Court of regular courts (for judicial confirmation of imperfect title) that the titling process/ proceeding has commenced and there are no adverse claimants;
  3. Certification from the Department of Agrarian reform (Certificate of Non-CARP coverage) signed by PARO;
  4. Special Power of Attorney (if petitioner/ applicant is other than the owner of the land or Board Resolution if the owner is corporation (with signature of members);
  5. Vicinity map of the area with sufficient reference points;
  6. Parcellary map prepared and signed by a licensed Geodetic Engineer indicating the name of owner, title number, area and geographic coordinates;
  7. Zoning Certification from the HLURB signed by the Regional Officer/Deputized Zoning Administrator on the actual zoning on reclassification on the land subject of the application on the approved and updated CLUP;
  8. Clear colored photographs of the area (5R size) taken during the field investigation including the adjoining areas with captions duly certified by a Member of the RTECLUM Inspection Team;
  9. Certification from NIA (Certificate of Irrigation Coverage) to be recommended by the Regional Irrigation Manager and signed by the NIA Administrator;
  10. Certificate from SRA (Certificate of Coverage/Non- Coverage) signed by the SRA Administrator;
  11. Certification from PCA (Certificate of Inspection and Verification) signed by the Regional Manager;
  12. Certification from PhilFIDA, if applicable;
  13. Certification from BFAR, if applicable;
  14. Certification from BAI, if applicable
  15. Official Receipt of payment of filing and inspection fee; and
  16. Field investigation report by the RTECLUM
Filling Fee


15 hectares and below – PhP 1,750.00;

Above 15 hectares to 30 hectares – PhP 2,000.00

More than 30 hectares – PhP 3,000.00



Inspection Fee

15 hectares and below – PhP 5,000.00;

Above 15 hectares to 30 hectares – PhP 7,500.00

More than 30 hectares – PhP 10,000.00


Motion for Reconsideration

PhP 2,000.00

Dr. Jonic F. Natividad daregulatory6

(033) 503-6409

*Check list of documentary requirements
**Sworn Declaration of Application for land use reclassification